Our Offer

At our disposal we have deliveries of unsorted stock from Norway, Scotland, Wales and England and sorted stock from Holland. Our offer includes sales directly from the supplier’s trunk (fixed hours) or from our warehouse. We guarantee continuous delivery and sales of a stock that has not been demaged or soild. For bigger orders we offer discounts. We priovide shipping or the lorry can deliver the stock directly to you.

COLLECTION BHF (British Heart Foundation)

Charity organization created in England in 1961. They gather funds from various types of sources. The money gained from the sale of second hand clothes help organize campaigns aimed at preventing heart diseases in humans. They do researches, educate and try to arouse the awareness of the problem.

COLLECTION D2D (Door to Door)

The company that helps organizing the clothes collection. They provide bags and inform about the pick up date. Their employees are collecting filled bags directly from the funder’s house and transfer them to central warehouses. From time to time the clothes are being collected from one, fixed location not from the founder’s house.


School collection involves the activity of students. They bring the clothes they don’t like but don’t want to waste. The clothes is picked up by the charity staff. Those collection consists mostly of child and adolescence clothes.


Charity collection is held in various locations by non-profit organizations. Usually they have their own shops and pick-up points where the clothes is collected, stored and resold. 
People who are eager to share spare clothes can bring them and contribute to charity. The money help the most poor and needy.

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